The Foundation of
Sales Success is
Mindset Mastery

Unlock Your Inner Sales Achiever

John Lester - Attitude Selling
A Very Focused Approach

I am currently limiting my work to Masterminds and individual mentoring.

The Attitude Selling Mastermind
Get ready for a truly rewarding experience!

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What is it?

A facilitator lead, small group of sales professionals in four intimate and safe weekly sessions. Designed to help people who own the responsibility of generating revenue for their business overcome the crippling and misdirected mindset they have of sales by discovering the fun and beauty of honest and straightforward selling, and their role in it.

Why is this important to you?

When Buyers and Sellers interact, it is a dance of human beings / of trust / of fear / of hidden agendas.

But human beings don’t buy on logic. Their decisions are made on emotion and justified on logic. And the emotional component is greatly influenced by how the buyer interprets the seller.

This is for you if:

  • You recognize that you do not understand sales, but you want to
  • You understand that closing one or two deals does not make you a professional at sales.
  • You are willing to admit that your beliefs and attitudes are part of your liability. YOU may be the largest part of the problem.

Who is it NOT for?

  • Anyone who has all the answers
  • Anyone who can’t admit they may be the problem

What you get

By the end of the MasterMind you will lose your fear and be more confident engaging with potential customers By the end of the MasterMind you will understand:
  • That there is a common-sense process to selling
  • How to be comfortable and effective
  • Your value proposition / superpower

So, do you believe that:

  • You deserve a better life for yourself and your family
  • Your situation won’t get better unless you do something
  • By not taking action, you’re hurting yourself, your family, and their future

Unlock Your
Inner Sales Achiever

What People Are Saying About John Lester

John Hollwedel

I had the fortune of working with John at Enkata for several years. He is a consummate professional, able to turn customer pain & need into solutions. Not only is John highly competent and competitive in his professional life but also a phenomenal person. He is always looking out for those around him professionally and personally. His self-motivation would be an asset to any organization. I truly value our relationship and would give him the highest recommendation.

Liesl Lukas

It is a pleasure to recommend John Lester as a superb sales director, business coach, and digital marketer. I've had the opportunity to work with John with two mutual clients, and to observe his talents in action. He has an uncanny ability to analyze a situation, from a personal professional challenge to a macro issue at a company, and to incisively identify the problem and a reasonable, targeted solution. In other words, he cuts through the extra garbage that can get in the way of finding a real solution to a challenge, and finds that solution. John brings a wealth of experience in sales and the psychology of the buyer to any situation, and understands how to find out what motivates them. I consider myself blessed to know John as a colleague and good friend, and would recommend his talents to anyone.

Cameron Carey

“Let’s discuss the main point!”
That’s the kind of direct thinking one gets from John. He perceives the root cause of any given situation. He understands and appreciates common sense, honesty, and fairness.
John’s experience and people skills coupled with personal characteristics, make him a pleasant and efficient businessman.
He’s a pleasure to work with. You’ll enjoy dealing with John.

Steve Lance

John is one of the most talented and smartest business professionals that I have ever worked with. Beyond the ability to uniquely understand the client's issues, John is adept at connecting the client requirements to a solution's value and benefits.
The consummate team player, John understands how to collaborate with his teammates helping them achieve greater results as well. I welcome the opportunity to work with John again and hope to do so.

    Client Testimonials


    Mastermind groups are purposeful collectives of like-minded professionals. They meet regularly (generally once a week or monthly) to brainstorm, teach one another, encourage accountability, and challenge each other.
    Successful and rewarding groups provide a number of features not available in other formats. They are:
    • Small, intimate cohorts
    • Multi-dimensional combining brainstorming, education, peer accountability, differing and unique perspectives. Safe. Everyone’s privacy is respected.
    • Inclusive – as long as you’re a good person!
    • Focused on resolving issues and helping you succeed

    The format is simple.

    • These are all Zoom calls.
    • Each week we will focus on a number of topics, fears, concerns, and misconceptions. Reading assignments will be distributed in advance as well as specific discovery questions for you to think about.
    • Each weekly session will last about 90 minutes and will provide each member of the Group the opportunity to discuss their perspective and to receive insight from the other members of the Group.
    • As this is a Mastermind format, everyone’s participation is important.
    • Come prepared, enthusiastic, and hungry for improvement!
    • And remember, you’re in a safe environment.
    That really depends upon you. You may have some short reading assignments, maybe 30 minutes. Most of time you will spend outside of the group call is thinking about questions that will be posed during the call or in advance of a call.
    Only if you tell them. Attitude Selling will not divulge any information about you or your involvement to anyone without your express permission.
    • Anyone who has all the answers
    • Anyone who can’t admit they may be the problem
    The current pricing of the is $1,295.
    • Special promotion pricing is available at times.
    • Check the registration information.