Attitude Selling

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“It doesn’t matter how beautiful a house you can envision. Unless the foundation is designed properly, you’ll just end up with cracks in the ceiling and settling in the base.”


Hi! I’m John Lester

So much of the information you use to try and make your sales improve is simply out of date or wrong.

I’ve spent the last 40 years in direct selling, sales management, sales process improvement, and messaging. My work has ranged from very large Fortune accounts, primarily in the financial services space, to small firms trying to create a sustainable and repeatable sales process.

Sales is hard. Unless you have done it professionally and consistently as a career you don’t fully understand the challenges.

Sales is about momentum, staying on track, choosing which thread to pull on. It is about constantly being pulled and pushed between your organization and the prospect / customer. It’s easy to think that the customer and competition are the biggest challenges. They are not.

The biggest challenges are in two areas. The first are internal to your organization. Their impact is felt in pre-sales, closing, and implementation. And they can and will stop your opportunities before you get traction.

The second is found in the mindset, attitudes and focus of the salespeople themselves. Both factors will slow you down, cost you deals, demoralize you, and cause you endless stress. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Even a 20% improvement may result a significant change in your outcomes!

I have experienced and examined these issues my entire career. And found common threads or causes. Like sales, fixing these issues is not easy, but it can be done. It takes time, hard work, and honesty. I have identified most of the potholes and have devised a path to help you avoid them.

My job is to help you expose your blind spots so you can focus on a consistent and repeatable revenue stream

Attitude Selling

3 Ways I Can Help You

Fractional CRO

You need expertise in marketing and/or sales. That’s not your background.


Bring in high value expertise on a short-term basis and prepare your company with the strategy and sales process to take you to the next stage. No long-term costs or commitments. Just results.

Winning the inner game of sales

The Foundation of
Success is Mindset

The Attitude
Selling Mastermind

Is sales hard – or getting harder?


Do you feel there is something lacking in you?


In a safe group setting we’ll explore YOU from several angles to determine how to change those limiting attitudes, behaviors and mindset.

Attitude Selling

Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology

Foundation and focus are the two most critical, yet most difficult to achieve, aspects of success. They are the structural components of growth and scale.


Our proven Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology is a structured and tailored approach that:

Examines 6 key factors
Through 5 critical lenses
Resulting in 4 outcomes
Creating 1 result – accelerate your growth.

The 4 disciplines of the Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology that ensure your success are

A clearly defined process
A pre-determined timeframe
Known goals

Its time to identify and eliminate those beliefs, processes, fuzzy thinking and mindsets stopping you and your business from acheiving the envisioned goals. You started the business to get you somewhere. Now lets actually help you arrive.