The Mindset Mastery For Sales Success Mastermind

Discover how to dominate, re-wire and prime your mind for sales success in 30 DAYS using rarely revealed strategies that high achievers like Tony Robbins, Craig Ballantyne, Gary Vaynerchuk use.

This goes far beyond standing in front of your mirror to recite affirmations or setting up to-dos that never get done!

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Master, Dominate and Rewire Your Mindset for Sales

Successful sales people and high achievers will tell you that dominating sales is about more than skill or your innate personality.

… It’s more than being loud, pushy, or aggressive
… It’s more than reading and following all the sales handbooks in the industry
… It’s not about being an introvert or an extrovert

To become a sales achiever and realize your dreams, you need to master your sales Mindset – first! 

Do These Resonate With You?

If you said “YES, I DO” to any of these, you’re not alone.

You’re not wrong to feel this way, and it’s not your fault.

The current sales management approach has tons of drawbacks, and just like me when I started, you too have been trapped in its web…

And it’s holding you back from sales success.

But you can change the playing field!

Just as I did…

Just as top achievers dominating their sales game right now did.
However, it all begins with getting into the right mindset for sales.

In “The Mindset Mastery for Sales Success Mastermind” you’ll learn how to discover the thoughts, beliefs and fears limiting your potential and then how to build a NEW, empowering Mindset for achievement – in just 30 days!

Who Is John Lester, and Why Should You Listen to Me?

From starting my career as a computer repair technician…

to leading the leaderboard ranks for sales and getting multiple recognition for sales President Clubs for overachievement and numerous awards for performance…
I can boldly tell you that:
If you don’t know your way around sales,
If you haven’t mastermind your mindset for sales,
You can keep struggling without definite results even to the end of your career.

And Nobody wants that!

It took me reading lots of books on sales…
Attending tons of professional sales training from even high achievers…
Only to realize that there was still something missing…
No one was paying much attention to a very critical factor responsible for sales success

And that critical factor is MINDSET.

After many more years of trial and error, I discovered a unique approach to mindset mastery for sales.
This is not what you have always known about having the right mindset about something.

It goes beyond affirmations…

and Chanting Mantras….

It’s this unique approach to Mindset Mastery that you will be exposed to in the mastermind.
This is the first mastermind I’ll be holding on Mindset Mastery For Sales Success. (This makes you are a pioneer member)

However, I’ll be teaching you what I have taught hundreds of others in sales teams for different companies, solo sales professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Here’s Exactly What You’re Getting In the Mastermind

I’ll share what you stand to gain from joining the Mastermind in a minute.

But before then, I want you to imagine:

What would life look like 6 months, 12 months, 2 Years, or 5 years from now?

I want you to really imagine for a moment what your future would be like after you master your Mindset for sales…

Perhaps by then, you will be crushing your goals and hitting your sales targets with ease…
As Dan Lok rightly said, “One of the beauties of being a sales professional is that there is no ceiling to your income”.

In the Mastermind, you will be part of an amazing circle – fellow top achievers just like you (remember like attracts like)

Be able to afford your dream car or dream house…

Be able to go on vacation to places that you always dreamed of …

Or perhaps be able to help the people that you truly care about.

Just picture the endless possibilities that come with being sure of your success in sales.

NOW, all of this is suddenly within reach by using
The Mindset Mastery for Sales Mastermind

And when you take advantage of the pioneer offer right now, here’s what you’ll be getting:

Weekly Live Zoom Calls

4 weekly live zoom calls designed to help you overcome your challenges and master your sales Mindset

Sharing Wins

We inspire each other to crush our goals and grow together.

Accountability Partner

The Group will help you be accountable to yourself and to each other enabling you to hit your goals faster.

Group Challenges

Master your mindset fast with group challenges designed to make you a better version of yourself.

Exclusive Access to Our Elite Facebook Support Group

You’ll continue to get support even after the mastermind. The elite group is an opportunity to grow and collaborate further.

After the sessions, you’ll walk away with unbeatable value to dominate your sales. I’ll show you:

    • The common-sense process of selling
      Ever heard of KISS? Keep it simple Silly. It works in sales too. Selling doesn’t have to be complex.

    • How to be comfortable and effective
      Get in the right mindset to communicate with your prospects effectively, handle rejections like a pro, and close deals faster.

    • Your value proposition/superpower
      Awaken your inner sales genius; discover your value proposition and how you can use it to dominate sales

    • Master Your Mindset For Sales
      Think, act, and behave as high achievers do with the rarely revealed strategies I’ll share with you.

Apart from the value of the mastermind ($1495), you’ll also receive…


Ellipse 5

Weekly Access to me: 1-on-1 Coaching, valued at $1,500


Ellipse 5

3 months in the Graduate Group, valued at $2,985


Ellipse 5

Anytime access to myself and other members via Slack, priceless

The total value of what you’ll get is over $5,980.

If you’re ready to transform your life and become a better sales professional

Then take advantage of the pioneer offer now, and lock in savings up to $5,485!

Why This Opportunity May Be The Only One You’ll Get In A Long Time

The truth is, you can probably leave this page right now and find another coach who may teach you how to master your Mindset for sales.

But I’m almost certain they will teach you the same things you already know, and:
1. You’re too busy or not motivated to commit to, or
2. You tried without seeing results.

Stuff like setting goals…
Writing affirmations..
Reading them out loud in front of a mirror…
Teaching you the newest sales/closing trick you should master…
And so on…

You could try to wing it on your own by watching free youtube videos on the subject.
But as we both know, free content is free for a reason


You could say, “why in the world should I believe this John Lester?” and decide to go elsewhere for a course from someone with a household name.

While that is not a bad move, their prices are often unjustified and they may not have a course targeted on Mindset for sales professionals.

Do you really believe that what got you here is going to get you to where you want to be? How’s it been working so far?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become that salesperson you have always dreamed of…
The salesperson that leads the ranks and enjoys life’s pleasures.

If this sounds like you, then click the button below…


And we will see you in the Mastermind Group.


Again, Here’s What You Get In The Mindset Mastery for Sales Mastermind:

Claim your spot right away and destroy the ceiling on your income.