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Too many CROs and sales managers believe that generating sales is strictly a function of the salespeople. Hire them, wind them up, gather the results. It simply doesn’t work that way!

They missed the reality that the biggest hindrance to consistent sales achievement comes from internal issues and misalignments. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with some of the sales training material available, but it is only effective when these internal processes are in alignment.

One of the biggest lessons of the pandemic was that the companies that had an aligned revenue generation / sales process tended to perform better and survive longer than organizations that did not. In many cases, these organizations had a much better understanding of the needs of their clients, their market, their messaging, and how to translate that into a sustainable sales process.

This is a very different skill set than most business owners and CEOs have acquired over the years. And it’s not an easy capability to master. If you have the feeling your go to market strategy and your sales performance are not what they could be, and not what you need them to be, we should talk.

The Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology is designed to identify the misalignments, in your organization, hindering your sales process. We then design an efficient and timely solution to help you correct them. This process typically takes 90 days and requires input and work on your part.

Some of the questions you will think are unnecessary and redundant, some of the answers we uncover will surprise you. But you will have a much better understanding of your own organization, its strengths, its weaknesses, the areas for improvement, and how to get there.

What you do after the initial 90 days is up to you. And we’ll have that conversation at that point.

Attitude Selling

Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology

Foundation and focus are the two most critical, yet most difficult to achieve, aspects of success. They are the structural components of growth and scale.


Our proven Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology is a structured and tailored approach that:

Examines 6 key factors
Through 5 critical lenses
Resulting in 4 outcomes
Creating 1 result – accelerate your growth.

The 4 disciplines of the Sales-Berg Transformation Methodology that ensure your success are

A clearly defined process
A pre-determined timeframe
Known goals

Its time to identify and eliminate those beliefs, processes, fuzzy thinking and mindsets stopping you and your business from acheiving the envisioned goals. You started the business to get you somewhere. Now lets actually help you arrive.

Attitude Selling

Become A Client

Efficient, focused, aligned organizations survive downturns better, grow
faster, have less turnover, and have happier leaders and employees.

Attitude Selling

3 Ways I Can Help You

Fractional CRO

You need expertise in marketing and/or sales. That’s not your background.


Bring in high value expertise on a short-term basis and prepare your company with the strategy and sales process to take you to the next stage. No long-term costs or commitments. Just results.

Winning the inner game of sales

The Foundation of
Success is Mindset

The Attitude
Selling Mastermind

Is sales hard – or getting harder?


Do you feel there is something lacking in you?


In a safe group setting we’ll explore YOU from several angles to determine how to change those limiting attitudes, behaviors and mindset.